Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 5...

Well today is day 5 and I decided to stop the cleanse. This isn't because I had enough, it's because I feel the most important part was done and the results today would be the same on day 7 or even 10.

I feel better. I have more energy. I'm not even hungry. My skin is clearer. I lost about 4 pounds (remember I wasn't even in this to lose weight). I have no cravings for junk foods and I feel renewed.

To be honest when I woke up today, I didn't even want to eat. But I felt the exact same way as before, hence why I decided to stop. I started my day off with a bowl of oatmeal and some tea. Ate an apple later on and felt great.

So this journey has ended, but before we call it a day, i'd like to leave readers who are interested in the Master Cleanse with a few recommendations/tips:

1. If you're interested in losing weight quickly and can spare at least 3 days to the cleanse, do it!

2. How much weight can one lose? I wouldn't be surprised if you can lose at least 5 pounds. Remember, you're flushing out toxins and nasty substances from your body. This matter adds weight to your body and when it's gone, you lose weight and increase metabolism. I didn't even try to lose weight, but I ended up losing 4 pounds.

3. If you've never done a cleanse before, but really want to dramatically improve your health quickly, the cleanse is the best way to go. You can really correct alot of health problems and regenerate your health fast (for more benefits of the cleanse, view the first post on this blog).

4. Use the guide I recommended. It will definately make the 3 days or however long you choose to do the cleanse ALOT easier. I provided a couple of tips in recent posts, but the guide will defaintely help you avoid most of the side effects of the cleanse. I got through the first 3 days (the hardest period) relatively easily thanks to it.

5. There are plenty of great guides, techniques and ways out there to improve your health, clean your body from the inside and lose weight fast (For personal recommendations, check out my free guide), but nothing gets the job done faster than a Master Cleanse. It's not convenient and does require some sacrifice. But if you're in a hurry and can dedicate at least 3 days to this, why not try it?

6. Finally, if you do finish the first 3 days successfully, the rest is easy. On day 3 I wondered how the heck I was ever going to get to day 7. But on day 4, I wasn't even hungry anymore and felt I could get through the next 4 days very easily.

7. Once you finish the cleanse. You will definately see an improvement in your looks, well being and energy. Afterward you will want to eat healthy, and i'm not saying you must, i'm just saying your body will crave healthy foods afterwards ;)

8. The master cleanse will benefit you for months and years if you follow the right path and eat the right foods (For personal recommendations, check out the free guide above). You can even repeat the master cleanse every 3-4 months if you wish.

I'd like to end this journey by saying the master cleanse was definately worth the effort. I also hope this has helped answer many of your questions/concerns if you decide to try it yourself.

Take care!


P.S. Also please consult with a Doctor if you have any concerns about the cleanse or are over the age of 50 or suffer from major diseases.

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