Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 4: It's very easy now...

If you can get through the first 3 days of the Master cleanse, the rest is easy. Remember it takes 3 days for the full effect to take place and all the side effects to go away.

I woke up this morning feeling energetic. I wasn't even hungry at all. My skin is smoother than it was 3 days ago and I feel alot better. In addition I feel clear headed. This was the goal I was trying to attain.

At this point if one reaches this level, he/she can get off the cleanse and resume their daily life. However if you choose to do this and begin eating, DO NOT start with heavy foods or dairy. Wait at least a day or two before doing this.

The reason being is that the body just went through a cleanse, and stuffing it with heavy meals such as meats, potatoes, cereal, daily can put too much pressure on it and you can very well get sick.

If you do decide to start, a smooth meal will do. Oatmeal, fruits, vegetables will do just fine. In addition if you enjoy drinking sodas, you shouldn't feel the need to drink it anymore. If that is the case, don't drink it! This is a good sign that your body's addictions to sugar have been washed away and it's best to keep it that way!

Anyway onward we go!


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